Salvation by works?

So I posted a tongue in cheek status on Facebook. It said, “I believe in salvation by works.” Pretty soon I had a few friends politely explain to me that it was impossible to do anything to get myself to heaven. Here is the explanation I gave them.

Thought #1

So this morning I was thinking about why I am a missionary. A big reason is because it is the most satisfying “job” I have ever had in my short life. And then there’s the bit in Matthew 28:18-20 where Jesus tells us to go tell the whole world about Him; and also in Genesis 28:18 where Abraham would be used to bless “all nations.”

Thought #2

I was reminded of the guy that insinuated that I was trying to earn my way to heaven. Nope, nada que ver. The only way I’m going to heaven is by accepting Jesus’ payment for my sins and as He lives in me, He also shines out of me.

Thought #3

So is there any spiritual value in doing mission work (outreach, evangelism, teaching, preaching, healing, helping)? I know from experience that being a missionary in a 3rd world country has a way of shaping your character and growing your faith that usually doesn’t happen in more.. mmmm comfortable surroundings. But is that all there is to it?

Thought #4

Then it hit me, duh, my works are for salvation; not my salvation, rather, my “brother’s” salvation. If I can lead a person to Christ, to their Saviour, then I believe in salvation by works.That was about the time I posted the tongue in cheek status.

Thought #5

About the time Tara commented, I realized that I was a little bit wrong. Those works I had been thinking about that would be instrumental in the salvation of others, weren’t mine. It’s all God. Philippians 2:13   Matthew 19:17 God is the only good guy that ever existed and anything that comes from me is only “evil continually.” Genesis 6:5

So there you have it, Salvation by works; not yours, not mine, but the works of the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. It’s amazing! 🙂


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