• Gabriel Jones
  • 21 22
  • Missionary
  • Spent 2.5 months in Ecuador when I was 16
  • Those 2.5 months changed my life
  • I realized that there is nothing quite like serving others
  • God led me through an auto-shop, Wildwood CHE, and a mission trip to Honduras, all the way to Bolivia
  • I spent 2 years in Bolivia, learning, teaching, mechanicking, traveling, cooking, fixing, growing.
    I came back to the US to get some type of medical training and a pilot license
  • I was given my EMT-IV license for the state of TN August 2011
  • I am currently learning how to fly
    working on an instrument rating
    In Bolivia, working at UETIRG, an Adventist boarding school in the jungle.


  • Finish my private pilot license 03-19-12
  • Get an instrument rating 9-13-12
  • Return to Bolivia
  • Follow God’s leading in every
    moment of my life
  • Share the amazing, faith-growing adventures, character-building trials and general mayhem of mission life that God gives to me with you!

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